Costa Blanca North

DENIA: This historic town is located in the Spanish region of Alicante and dates back to when the Romans arrived and dedicated their fortress to the hunting goddess Diana. It is a delightful cosmopolitan town, rich in history and culture and its streets are a fascinating showcase of architecture through the ages. The buildings are a permanent monument to the civilisations which have made their mark here – Iberian, Carthaginian, Roman, Arab and Christian. The Moorish castle on a nearby hill preserves many notable historic remains. These days tourism blends comfortably with the hustle and bustle of a working town.

Denia also claims to be the gastronomic capital of the Costa Blanca. The sun and the sea breeze whet your appetite for the famous local rice dishes, fish casseroles and grilled seafood. Many celebrations and fiestas are held in the town throughout the year including the running of the bulls.
Midway between the two international airports of Valencia (to the north) and Alicante (to the south). Both airports are within an hour’s drive using the toll paying A7 motorway. Denia is just a 15 minute hop from Exit 62.

GATA DE GORGOS: If you are in the area this is a must to visit. You will find many furnishing and craft shops and Gata de Gorgos is an important production centre for basketry, wickerwork and furniture. It is also an area for the growth of muscatel grapes, almonds and olives.

Javea204JAVEA: Throughout the year Javea changes in character. Through the summer it is a lively town with attractive streets, shops and restaurants. The harbour is the focus for the many visitors. In the cooler months Javea returns to being a restful, sleepy fishing village. Providing complete relaxation for its many ex-pat residents. The fine Arenal Beach provides plenty of space to enjoy the sea.

TEULADA: On the road inland to Teulada, vineyards, almond and olive tree groves cover the undulating slopes of the mountains facing the sea to create a special kind of Mediterranean landscape painted in tones of ochre. There are many typical farmhouses with columned patios where grapes are dried, showing how traditional lifestyles still follow the rhythms of yesteryear. The grapes make delicious raisins and also an excellent muscatel wine.

MORAIRA:MARINAMORAIRA: The sturdy fortress that surveys the beach of Moraira dates from the 16th century. Visitors have discovered the magnificent environment this town offers to holidaymakers and residents alike. Sandy beaches and rocky coves with crystal clear water make the beach a popular spot for sport and relaxation. Windsurfing and sailing tuition is available here. The fine Moraira Yacht Club attracts many visitors and also serves as a traditional fishing port.



Diving club-CalpeCALPE: Situated close to the rock of Ifach, the distinctive Gibraltar-style Peñon de Ifach rock that dominates the skyline for miles around. The Peñon de Ifach rises from the sea as a rock of limestone of about 50,000m2, 232m high and 1km long. It is linked to the coast by a narrow istmus. It was formed by slipping from the nearby Oltà mountain range to make one of the most singular and beautiful geographic landmarks not only in the Valencian Community, but also of the whole Mediterranean coast.

Another of the important tourism sites in Calpe is the salt flat Las Salinas. It is in a depression that is filled through ancient inlets. The position of the Peñon de Ifach is a decisive factor in the formation of this interesting humid zone. The rich variety of these wetlands makes it easier for a great number of species to settle. There are crustaceans and insects adapted to aquatic life along with vertebrates, amphibians and reptiles that find a suitable habitat here. Las Salinas is a resting place in which migrating birds find the food they need at nesting time.

Calpe is a modern beach resort but has an attractive old quarter. This popular resort is blessed with two fine sandy beaches, which provide the base for extensive watersports, including powerboating and sailin. Among the sandy beaches, special mention should be made of the Playa de la Fossa or the Playa de Levante, more than a kilometres long and boasting a European Union Blue Flag.

Calpe is one of the liveliest towns on the Costa Blanca coastline thanks to the great number and variety of its fiestas celebrated there throughout the year. The area is renowned for its many shops, restaurants, bars and museums. The Fiesta Museum housed in a building constructed at the end of the 19th century, holds an exhibition of costumes and other elements characteristic of Calpe’s fiestas, the Archaeological Museum on the site of El Portalet, the only access gate to the walled town in the 14th century. The Plaza de la Villa rebuilt in 1996 is one of the prettiest squares in Calpe and is an ideal spot in which to take a rest before continuing your tour.

The Playa Levante is the home for most residents, whilst the Playa Arenal features the original old town.

Altea MarinaALTEA: Considered to be one of Costa Blanca’s most beautiful towns. A visit to Altea starts at the highest part of the town with it’s medieval cobbled streets leading up to the blue-domed church and plaza where a magnificent view, one of the best on the Costa Blanca, over the whole district can be enjoyed. Cobble-stoned streets and steps descend the hill, flanked by whitewashed houses. At the foot of the hill is the fishermen’s quarter now with an interesting seafront and port. Along the streets and plazas, craftsmen and artists mingle with holidaymakers and locals to form a lively cosmopolitan atmosphere throughout the town. At the back of the town the area of Altea Hills provides the centre for many luxury homes with stunning sea and mountain views.

BENIDORM: The most famous part of the coast. It has a complete range of facilities and services to accommodate the millions of tourists who visit the finest beaches in Europe to get a tan during the day and party all night.. The Canfali Hill divides the coastline into two splendid beaches, the Levante and the Poniente. Days can be spent on the beach and enjoying the numerous bars and restaurants on the perimeters. The narrow streets, which run around Canfali Hill lead to the luminous “Balcony on the Mediterranean”, painted shining white and adorned with ceramics and ornamentation, which is repeated throughout the municipality’s promenades. The famous Benidorm Palace has regular shows and celebrity guests and is a must if you are visiting the area.

FINESTRAT: Situated in a privileged position between sea and mountains on the slopes of the mountain range Sierra Cortina. A typical Mediterranean village, surrounded by plantations of almond and fruit trees, Finestrat is the perfect choice for those wanting a Spanish property in a natural setting yet within easy striking distance of the facilities in Benidorm. You could be forgiven for thinking that the coastal part of this town is an extension of Benidorm as the two practically run in together. The reality is that Finestrat is something of an anomaly. The modern part of the town has its own beach, modern shopping complex including multi-screen cinema and luxury urbanisations. The original picturesque old town of Finestrat, on the other hand, lies a little inland at the foot of the massive mountain peak of the Puig Campana, and as such is often overlooked by visitors. The mountain is popular with climbers and ramblers for the fantastic views gained over the surrounding countryside and the clear blue Mediterranean Sea.

TERRA MITICA: Terra Mitica is close to Benidorm and Finestrat and is the first real theme park in Spain. It is not an amusement Park. It offers all visitors something different: a theme park that recreates the lost civilisations of the Med: Egypt, Greece, Rome, Iberia, and the Islands. Its main rides take you back to the myths and legends of these ancient cultures with state of the art technology, special effects, animatronics and digital imagery.

The daring can experience falling from great heights on the flight of the phoenix and great speed on one of the largest wooden roller coasters in Europe. The older visitors will enjoy the excitement and entertainment of the virtual dark rides, stories and legends told with the help of technology. Children will enjoy mini replicas of the main rides in each area. i.e. water flume, roller coaster etc.

Terra Mitica is divided into five areas, four of them surround a lake that symbolises the Mediterranean Sea, from which emerges the fifth area, The Islands:

AREA 1. “Egypt, Land of Pharaohs”.
AREA 2. “Greece, The home of the Gods”.
AREA 3. “Rome, The Frontier”.
AREA 4. “Iberia, The Warm Shores”.
AREA 5. “The Islands, The Great Journey”

Terra Mitica is a park for all ages due to the wide variety of its thirty rides and attractions. Attractions:Waterfalls of the Nile, Magnus Colossus, The Flight of the Phoenix, The Fury of Triton, Alucinakis, El Tren Bravo, Rapids of Argos, Tizona

VILLAJOYOSA: With about 20 000 habitants lies just in the south of Benidorm, about 35 km north of Alicante The historic capital of the Marina Baixa district. It is a fishing port, quiet town and tourist centre attraction in one. Multicolour houses surround the port and seafront promenade. Painted this way to help guide the fishermen home.

With a vivid fish market especially during summer, Villajoyosa seems to be one of the last real fishing towns around. If you ever come to the city, make sure you visit the daily market starting at about 17 h at the Lonja area which will provide you with the chance to see the day’s catch being auctioned off in the market. Fascinating to see so many different types of fish.

In addition to the sometimes crowded fish market, Villajoyosa old town center and its promenade invite every visitor to relax and have a nice coffee in one of the restaurants and bars around. The various beaches, above all the beach of paraiso are very well known for windsurfing. With the typical hot weather in summer, the city is perfect for a relaxing holiday under the sun.

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